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Since 2017, China's cross-border e-commerce B2B transaction volume exceeded 7 trillion yuan, B2C will exceed 1 trillion yuan for the first time, and the proportion increased to 12.5%. The global e-commerce market has great potential and broad prospects. E-commerce has a natural advantage across borders, with foreign consumers facing China

With the increasing understanding and recognition of commodities and e-commerce platforms, the overseas market space is growing. At present, China's export cross-border e-commerce not only has a mature US market, the European market and the Canadian market, but also the fast-growing Belt and Road market and the APEC market. The export market has broad prospects. In 2016, China's three major export destinations for cross-border e-commerce were the United States, Russia and Spain. Of the 13 countries with the fastest growth rate, 7 were related countries in the Belt and Road.

The Chinese market has become an important source of supply for cross-border e-commerce in the world and has become an important supply chain for e-commerce vendors. Opportunities and challenges coexist, cross-border e-commerce also faces many problems in operation. For example, cross-border sellers need to spend a lot of time researching suppliers and research logistics in addition to researching hot products, network promotion and traffic analysis. The way, invisibly adds a lot of time and operating costs. In addition, due to the variety of product varieties, the management and selection of suppliers has become a problem for every company. Without reasonable management of the supplier, it will lead to delayed production of goods, delayed delivery, wrong goods, problems with the quality of goods, unreasonable logistics and transportation, untimely delivery of logistics, high storage and management costs, and high logistics costs.

STU Supply Chain knows the pain points of customers, and provides customers with hot product recommendation, product procurement, supplier management, warehouse collection, one generation, and double door-to-door distribution. Small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers do not need to import information. Just confirm the purchased products and they can easily get the goods they want at home. And he can directly inform us to send the goods to their designated customers, improve sales, save time and money.

Haituo's services are more to achieve door-to-door, one-stop service, we solve customs problems in international trade circulation for customers, and easily achieve customs clearance and free trade circulation. Different from the average trader, we don't make a difference on the customer's products. We only earn the operating fee and the cost is clear and reasonable.

With our logistics advantages, we are able to provide our customers with cheap logistics costs, save on storage and transportation costs, and efficient supply chain delivery.

In China, our warehouses cover provinces such as Fujian, Guangdong, Shanghai and Hong Kong, while overseas warehouses cover the United States, Japan and Europe.

STU Supply Chain has always thought about supply chain services from the perspective of customers. Find ways to provide customers with reasonable procurement and supply chain solutions. We hope to grow with our customers for a long time and create profit and value for our customers.